Dependent Prepositions

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Dependent Prepositions

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Try writing some examples of each by commenting below in the comment box:

Verb + preposition

Account for

Accuse of

Accustom to

Agree with/about

Amount to

Apologise to/for

Appeal to

Approve of

Attach to

Attend to

Attribute to

Base on

Believe in

Belong to

Blame for

Charge for

Comment on

Compare to/with

Compete with

Concentrate on

Congratulate on

Connect with

Consider as

Consist of

Constrast with

Cope with

Count on

Deal with

Dedicate to

Depend on

Devote to

Differ from

Disapprove of

Discourage from

Distinguish from

Distract from

Divert from

Divide into

Dream of

Exclude from

Experiment on

Focus on

Help with

Hinder from

Hope for

Impress with

Include in

Insure against

Interfere with

Invest in

Involve in

Link to/with

Listen to

Long for

Object to

Operate on

Participate in

Persist in

Prepare for

Prevent from

Prohibit from

Protest against

Provide for/with

React to/against

Recognize as

Recover from

Refer to

Reflect in/on

Regard as

Relate to

Rely on

Remind of

Resort to

Result in

Search for

Separate from

Spend on

Stem from

Subject to

Suffer from

Think about/of

Warn about/against

Worry about


Adjective + preposition

Afraid of

Angry with/about

Anxious about

Available for/to

Capable of

Confident of

Delighted with

Dependent on

Different to/from

Disappointed with

Frightened of

Good/bad/clever at

Independent of/from

Interested in

Involved in

Kind to

Pleased with

Prejudiced against

Proud of

Relevant to

Responsible to/for

Shocked at/by

Sorry about/for

Suitable for

Suited to

Surprised at/by

Tired of

Upset about


Noun + prepositions

Attention to

Belief in

Capacity for

Confidence in

Criticism of

Difference of

Difficulty in/with

Discussion about

Experience of

Information on/about

Problem of/with

Reputation for

Trust in



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  • Pansuriya Trushar

    Carbon dioxide and other carbon gases are responsible for global warming. Due to global warming we have to prepare for the climate change effects like heavy rain ,almost no rain in most of carbon products are very sensitive for atmosphere.

  • Ashokkumar

    Dear Trushar,

    The use of “responsible for” is accurate. You can try even for more words to enhance your practice. Keep it up!!!


    I discussion about iphone 5s with my cousin.


    They accuse us of Thief.
    He advice me of my health.
    I’m capable of my job.
    Television is harmful to our eyes.
    I responsible for my family.

  • Hardin

    I quite agree with you

  • Nishit Vyas

    He was very much afriad of exams last year.

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