Discover the elements of totally achievable 6.5 bands IELTS Target training practice

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Discover the elements of totally achievable 6.5 bands IELTS Target training practice

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How the program works

The key to building a 6.5 bands training module is learn about ALL the elements of a successful training practice that I use in my classroom, how they work, and how to apply it with your own existing level of English, personal circumstances and your learning style to design a personal recipe of success that perfectly fits your individual style of learning and your target.

So let’s discover it.

I am about to show you all the important components you need to go through to achieve your target.

So you can finally enjoy the result you are looking for and the sort of impact you would like to have in your communication skills without burning out a lot of energy, losing joy, or compromising your freedom ever again.


Read on till the end to discover the elements that will move you swiftly to the next level of learning which is perfect and satisfactory for your goals.

Oh! Yes. It is not boring and tedious but definitely fun-filled and interesting.


  1. Know how to create a learning plan. It is utmost important to devise a perfect, failure-proof plan to improve all aspect of the language. As you know that some candidates lack in vocabulary, some have problem with pronunciation and some cannot manage to produce error free sentences. Therefore, the plan which I design for you is as per your strengths and weaknesses.
  2. Have learning resources available at your disposal. I will make available all those learning resources be they worksheets, topics for practice or vocabulary words/phrases to be used in your essay writing.
  3. Strengthen your consciousness about the test format. So you can plan what to skip and how much to learn. Format gives know-how about the exam.
  4. Get that ability to put together all you learn over a couple of months. It is common tendency to learn new things and not doing revision of basic things. Here I will personally make sure you are fully taken care of.
  5. Get optimum benefit of one-on-one session with you. No longer be confused now. I will accelerate your progress by personally understanding your caliber and bridging the gap.
  6. Unlock your potential of expanding your vocabulary. Though we have a quest to improve our word power, we are often entangled with a lot many things (word forms, uses and pronunciation etc.)
  7. Inculcate unique techniques for questions which are tough otherwise. Techniques are everything in IELTS. Therefore, I insist on getting things simpler for you. Don’t worry.

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