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Fill in the blanks-Listening

Listen to the audio and fill in the blanks


Violent video (1).. could be responsible for a rise in violence by children in society, but not enough (2). has been done to prove it. Although a disturbed child may (3)………….. violently after playing a (4)…. computer game, it is possible that he or she will react similarly after a less violent stimulus. There is a great amount of violence on TV and in computer games because violence <5)…………… well. Young (6) however, play less violent games than young males, but this may be because of the way in which (7)…. companies package their products. Computer games are (8)……….. . . . . ; unlike TV, playing games is not a passive activity. Perhaps children can relieve their (9) harmlessly in this way. Or maybe such games reward violence instead of punish it. If you agree, telephone (10)

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