Have you ever ridden a camel?

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Have you ever ridden a camel?

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  1. Have you ever ridden a camel?
  2. Have you ever been to a jazz club?
  3. Have you ever done a riverboat?
  4. When have you called your parents lately?
  5. Have you done much exercise this week?
  6. Have you played any sports this month?
  7. How many movies have you been to this month?
  8. Have you been to any interesting parties recently?
  9. Have you called any friends today?
  10. How many times have you gone out to eat this week?
  11. How long have been here in Ahmedabad?
  12. Have you ever eaten Moroccan food?
  13. Have you ever lost something valuable?
  14. Have you ever sung in a karaoke bar?
  15. Have you ever seen a live concert?
  16. Have you ever been late for an important appointment?
  17. Have you ever tasted blue cheese?
  18. Have you ever lost you ID?
  19. What sports have you played?
  20. Have you ever screamed at someone in public?
  21. What have you done a lot this week?
  22. Have you ever dialed to police on emergency number?
  23. Have you ever played a prank with your friend?
  24. Have you ever walked into something when you were texting?
  25. What is the most exciting thing you have ever done?


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