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How much is it?

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Speaking Quiz-

  1. How much are those gloves?
  2. Do these gloves come in gray?
  3. How much is that scarf?
  4. What else do you want to look at?
  5. Which one do you like: blue one or yellow one?
  6. Which ones do you like better?
  7. Would you like to try it on?
  8. Which one do you prefer?
  9. How do smartphones help find bargains?
  10. What are two social networking sites?
  11. How are yahoo and gmail similar?
  12. What are twitter users called?
  13. Do you shop mostly in stores or online?
  14. How do you find good prices?
  15. Which modes of shopping do you use?
  16. How much is this/that? (Indicate object.)
  17. What color is it?
  18. Is it cotton/gold/leather/plastic/rubber/silk/silver/wool?
  19. How much are these/those? (Indicate objects.)
  20. What color are they?
  21. What are they made of?
  22. Which one do you prefer/like better/like more? (Indicate object.)
  23. Why? Which one is cheaper/prettier/nicer/better/more stylish/more expensive/more attractive?
  24. Which ones do you prefer/like better/like more? (Indicate objects.) Why? Which ones are cheaper/prettier/nicer/
  25. better/more stylish/more expensive/more attractive?
  26. Ask me about my clothing preferences. or Ask [classmate] about his/her clothing preferences.

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