How to Maximize IELTS Writing Score up to 7?

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How to Maximize IELTS Writing Score up to 7?

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Four things you must know to score 7 bands

One of the most frustrating things about IELTS is not knowing what exactly the examiner wants and what should you do to improve yourself. That’s why my main focus in this article is on the general overview of what the examiner looks for in your writing to give a score of 7 band or higher and how important it is to look at official marking scheme.


There are some common things I have explained for you.


I am not sure what exactly should I write?
To give 7 bands, the examiner makes sure that you do not leave any parts of the task partially covered. In other words, all question prompts should be well addressed in your response.

The second important error is that you deviate from your position. If you fail to maintain a clear position across the response and draw a clear conclusion at the end, it shows that you are not able to maintain consistency throughout the essay.

Apart from these, you have to present unique ideas and extend those with supporting details, but you should avoid to over generalizing and/or supporting ideas should not lack focus. If you write one main idea per paragraph and develop it sufficiently with relevant examples and details, you are exactly giving what examiner wants.


How should I organize my essay?

The examiner looks for a logically organized response with a clear progression throughout but a candidate with a 6 or less band may lack overall progression. Use of a range of cohesive devices is the key to score good. Faulty or mechanical cohesion within and/or between sentences is one of the reasons why students failed to score 7 in writing. Not using cohesive devices, repeating them or over uses are some of the mistakes to avoid. A candidate who scores 7 presents a clear central topic within each paragraph but a lower band scorer uses paragraphing without organizing ideas logically or altogether avoiding paragraphing.


What type of vocabulary should I use? 
You are advised to use a sufficient range of vocabulary to allow some flexibility and precision. If you use a limited range of vocabulary that is minimally adequate for the task, this is one of the key reasons why you score less than they want.
You have to use less common lexical items with some awareness of style and collocation but not with any inaccuracies.
Only occasional errors in word choice, spelling and /or word formation are accepted but obviously, if you make noticeable errors in spelling and/or word formation which impedes communication or causes difficulty to readers, you’re less likely to score 7.
What about grammar accuracy and sentence variety?

You are recommended to use a variety of complex structures but a lower scorer uses a mix of simple and complex sentence forms or a limited range of structures. It is really essential to produce frequent error-free sentences and have a good control of grammar and punctuation.  As compared to a lower scorer who makes frequent errors in grammar or punctuation and errors can cause some difficulty for the reader, a proficient candidate makes a few errors.


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  • Divya patel

    Excellent article Ashoksir
    I really improved my writing with your techniques..thanks again

  • Kevin vyas

    Thank you sir for your guidelines on writing task. it is really very helpful.

  • R. Shandilya

    Excellent article on essay writing. I really improved my writing score after applying these techniques

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