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IELTS Speaking Questions-1

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What ambition do you have?

What job or course do you intend to pursue after IELTS?

How do you think you will cope up abroad?

Will any future changes affect your job in any way?

What changes do you think India will see in the next few years?

Which country would you most like to visit?

If you could start your life again would you do anything differently?

When do you think that people respect old people more – in the past or now?

After retirement which type of activities should old people do?

Do you think that retirement age should be increased or not?

What do you think about voluntary retirement?

Do you like visiting or talking to old people?

Do you think today’s generation should take decisions by themselves?

Do you think that decision taken in haste prove to be the right decision?

How do urban people look at the country people?

If given a choice, where would you like t0 live?

Which mode of transportation do the people of your city mainly use?

Would you like to use a vehicle of your own or use the public transport?

Is leisure necessary in life?

Let me know the different leisure activities available in your area?

Should employees provide leisure time to employees?

Describe your native place.

Are you facing any noise pollution in your city? Why?

What makes a friend into a good friend?

What do you like doing most with your friends?

What are the causes of overpopulation?

Do you ever feel offended when someone laughs at you?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of electronic media and print media?

What are the consequences of overpopulation?

What are the consequences of riots on individuals and society?

What factors are responsible for occurrence of riots?

What are the harmful effects of smoking?

Advantages and disadvantages of installing CCTV cameras on public places.

What qualities should a neighbor possess?

What factors can affect people in getting late?

How can we prevent children from accessing adult content/violent games on the internet?

Are some festivals becoming globalised?

Should industries be globalised?

What are the consequences of unemployment?

How do you define happiness?

Do you think money brings happiness?

What is the difference between present leaders and of those of the past?


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