What are the advantages and disadvantages of becoming popular?

Describe a religious place you visit regularly?

Is it popular with other people?

When and why do people visit temples or religious places?

Tell about any spiritual saint you know.

Do you think hobbies are waste of time?

Show me direction to your home?

How did you come to this place? (mode of transport)

Did you like your school uniform?

What is the importance of technology in student’s life?

What special food and activities are connected to your favourite festival?

What do you most like about festivals?

Do you enjoy sports as a participant or a spectator?

Do you prefer to work in a large company or a small company? Why?

What would you suggest a visitor should do in your country?

How do you spend your Sundays and Saturdays?

Discuss the medical facilities in your town.

What should be the marriage age in your opinion?

What are the different viewpoints of a girl or a boy for the marriage?

Discuss love marriage and arranged marriage.

Should inter-caste marriage be promoted?

After marriage should a couple live in a joint family or have a separate home?

Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of living in a joint family and nuclear family.

If you have a chance which type of family would like to live in? Nuclear or joint?

Do you think we should adopt one-child policy?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of having one child policy?

What is an ideal family?

Cue Card Topic:

Speak about an activity you do in open air

  • What that activity is
  • How often do you do it
  • Why is it important to you


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