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IELTS Speaking Questions-3

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Tell me something about old-age homes

After retirement would you like to live in an old age home?

What you don’t like about your city?

If you are asked to bring one change in your city, what would it be?

Tell me something about the area where you live.

What are the means of entertainment in your city?

Compare your hometown with other towns in your state.

Where were you brought up?

Whom do you resemble in your family?

Is competition beneficial in any way?

Should we encourage more competitions?

Name the different competitions held in your city

Name some unusual competition you would like to hold

How far winning and losing are significant in competition?

Compare the competition of the past with that of present

Cue Card-1

Describe an important year/period of time of your life.

  • What your age was
  • What happened with you
  • Why that year was important for you

Cue Card-2

Describe your siblings (brother/sisters or cousins)

  • Age and their personality
  • The kind of relationship you have with them
  • What their peculiarities are

Cue card-3

Describe an incidence when you received help from someone

  • When and where you received help
  • How you received help
  • How helpful it was to you


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