This course meets the needs of those who want to speak English with fluency and confidence. This is a comprehensive program with proven results to learn the language in authentic context, and explicitly develop conversation strategies. In this course, students are exposed to a variety of real world speaking conversations and texts for reading to reinforce the grammar and vocabulary taught in the background.

Key features:
Introduction of functional grammar in communicative context
Topical conversation for each grammar topic discussed
Interactive Activities: role-plays, games, pair or group activities for additional practice
Pronunciation: word-stress, rhythm, intonation, voiced & unvoiced syllables, blending of sounds
A variety of listening exercises for integrated learning & comprehension
Word Power presents a variety of interesting talks and collocation exercises (both written & oral)
Writing focuses on accurate usage of grammar and vocabulary.
Reading a variety of texts to develop essential skills like skimming, scanning etc
Video training engages learners to observe various aspects of body language
Extended speaking & writing practice to enhance fluency and accuracy

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