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Please call me Beth


  1. Where are you from?
  2. Who are you?
  3. Who is friend?
  4. Where is she/he from?
  5. How do you spell your first name/last name?
  6. What’s your name again?
  7. What do people call you?
  8. Introduce yourself with your full name?
  9. Where is your father/mother?
  10. What’s (your city/town) like?
  11. Where are you and friend from?
  12. How are your friends/parents?
  13. What are your classmates like?
  14. What types of shops are there in your locality?
  15. Where are you from?
  16. Which greetings are typical in your country?
  17. What are other ways to greet people?
  18. How’s it going?
  19. Are your classes interesting this summer?
  20. Is it a fine day today?
  21. Are you and your friend in the same class?
  22. Where is your school/college?
  23. Are you fine?
  24. Is your father head of the family?
  25. Are you and your best friend the same age?
  26. Is your English teacher favourite?
  27. What’s up?
  28. Is your name old-fashioned?
  29. Is your name modern?
  30. What names are more or less popular in your country?
  31. Where is your Grammar book?
  32. Who is the person sitting next to you?
  33. What is your father?
    Is your English excellent?
  34. Are your friends from India?
  35. Is your English favourite?
  36. Are you the youngest or eldest person in your family?
  37. What are your hobbies?
  38. Are some names more popular in your country than others?
  39. What is the meaning of your name?
  40. Is your name suitable to your personality/profession?
  41. What is the name of the capital city of Gujarat?
  42. Is there any river near your home?
  43. Is your home in urban or rural area?
  44. Are there any gardens or joggers’ park in your area?
  45. Are you a student or working?
  46. Is there any shop in your neighbourhood?
  47. Is your city populous?
  48. Are the roads wider and cleaner in your town?
  49. Is your country democratic?
  50. Are there several religions in your country?

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