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Great gadgets

Warning! This knife is very, very sharp! And it stays sharp forever because it’s made of ceramic – hard like a diamond! What can it do? It can cut anything and everything. Only $34.49!

This machine cuts your house-cleaning time by 50%! Why? It’s a very light vacuum clearner. So it’s easy to move from room to room. And it cleans everything in your home – even the air! Only $159.99. in dark gray or light blue.

Are you always late in the morning? Are you tired of waiting at home while your phone charges? You need a solar backpack. The solar panels recharge mobile phones and other electrical devices. You can leave the house for school or work and charge while you go! No more lateness! And help the environment. Only $125.

Thirsty? Need to make your own fresh juice? You need a juicer. In seconds, it can blend fruits and vegetables for juice. In no time, you can prepare healthy juice drinks from apples, carrots, and other favorite foods. $85.


Check True or correct the correct details for False.

  1. The knife is made of diamonds
  2. The vacuum cleaner comes in two colors.
  3. The solar backpack is more than $120.
  4. The juicer can make fruit pies.

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    1-False (because it’s made of ceramic.)
    2-False ($159.99 in dark grey and light blue.)
    3-True (only $125.)
    4-False (you can prepare healthy juice drinks.)

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