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Why Collocation is important?

One of the biggest peculiar habits of IELTS/PTE Aspirants is that they do not practice collocation, or in other words, collocation is mostly an overlooked aspect of the English language when tutors prepare them for the exam at major institutes in Ahmedabad. Even the reference books do not have much focus on this aspect. When a test taker prepares for the exam, even they are not aware of collocation. Faculty does not bother to teach them what words go well with each other. Only they crave for content.

Speaking Part-1

  • What’s your favorite season? Why?
  • Are seasons specially associated with different traditions in your country?
  • Do you think weather patterns are changing?
  • What is your favorite winter activity?

Describing Weather

Pleasant –Glorious – Good – Ideal – Lovely – Beautiful – Excellent – Negative – Awful –  Bad – Dismal Dreadful – Gloomy – Grim – Lousy – Rough – Terrible  – Humid – Muggy – Sultry – Bright – Clear – Sunny – Calm – Reliable – Fickle – Unpredictable – Extreme – Harsh – Freezing – Frosty – Wintry – Cloudy – Rainy –  Wet – Foggy – Blustery – Stormy – Some useful phrases –  To brave the weather – Weather holds out – Weather Deteriorates/worsens – Weather turns sth(cold/warm) – Weather + Noun – Weather conditions – Weather forecasts – Weather patterns – Weather report – A change in the weather – The vagaries of the weather – In all weathers – Whatever the weather – It came like a bolt from the blue – It never rains but it pours – Know which way the wind blows – Raining cats and dogs – Storm in a teacup – Red sky at night – Cloud nine – There’s not a cloud in the sky – The wind’s picking up – It’s just drizzling – I’m soaking wet- I got caught in a downpour/drenched – Take a jacket – it’s bit chilly out there – the sky’s overcast

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