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What do you do?

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Oral Quiz:

    1. What do you do?
    2. What do you do for a living?
    3. What are your main responsibilities?
    4. What is your daily routine?
    5. What does your job involve?
    6. How many people does your firm employ at present?
    7. Where do you work?
    8. What do you do there?
    9. What do you do, exactly?
    10. Do you like your work?
    11. Can you have some time off whenever you want?
    12. Is your job well-paid?
    13. What jobs often involve shiftwork? Would you like to do one?
    14. Do you work any overtime?
    15. Have you been promoted since you started in the company?
    16. Can you describe your place of work?
    17. Where do you live?
    18. Do you have a job?
    19. What kind of jobs are you good at?
    20. What’s your favorite job?
    21. What time do you go to work?
    22. When do you get home at night?
    23. Have you ever had any serious problems at work?
    24. Would you like to do the same job as your mother/father?
    25. What time do you get up?
    26. Which days do you get up early? Late?
    27. What’s something you do before 8:00 in the morning?
    28. What’s something you do on Saturday evenings?
    29. What do you do only on Sundays?
    30. Why do you need a job?
    31. When do you take break at work?
    32. How long do you stay at your work in a day?
    33. How many hours do you work?
    34. What don’t you like about your workplace?
    35. What’s your dream job?
    36. How many days do you go to work in a week?
    37. Do you get time to pursue your hobbies at work place?
    38. What jobs are easy?
    39. Which ones are difficult? Why?
    40. What types of jobs do students do?
    41. Do students have part-time jobs?
    42. What are some other student jobs?
    43. Do you students help their parents in their business your country?
    44. Are some jobs easily available in your country?
    45. What job positions are more popular in your country?
    46. Are there enough jobs for youths in your city/country?
    47. How do people get a job in your city?
    48. Do you like your work/study?
    49. Do you have a full time or part time job?
    50. Do you interact with your colleagues at your work place?
    51. Do you get help from your employer?
    52. In your job, do you prefer to deal with people or machine and systems? Why?
    53. How important is your work for you?
    54. What is more important for you: Salary or atmosphere at workplace?
    55. What does the education system do to prepare people for work or to assist them to find jobs? Is it efficient?
    56. How many job interviews have you had?
    57. What sort of things help people to get jobs?
    58. What things prevent them from getting jobs?
    59. Do people prefer to go away to get a job?
    60. Do schools/colleges help students to find out jobs?
    61. How many hours a week in general do you think people work in your country?
    62. Is there a law in your country about how many hours a week people can work?
    63. Do you think people work too many hours?
    64. Do you think working longer working hours actually means you do more work?







































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