What’s your neighbourhood like?

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What’s your neighbourhood like?

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  1. What’s your neighborhood like?
  2. Define a Laundromat.
  3. What is a drugstore?
  4. Are there any clothing stores around here?
  5. Is there a Laundromat near here?
  6. Are there any grocery stores around here?
  7. Is there a bank around your home?
  8. Is there a good bookstore in your neighborhood?
  9. Are there any coffee shops?
  10. Are there any cool dance clubs?
  11. How do you like your new apartment?
  12. Is there much noise?
  13. What other complaints do you have about neighbors?
  14. What do you do when you have complaints?
  15. How many restaurants are there near your place?
  16. Is there much crime in your city?
  17. How much traffic is there?
  18. Is there much pollution?
  19. How many swimming pools are there?
  20. Are there too many traffic lights?
  21. Is there any open street market?
  22. Is there a famous landmark?
  23. Would you like to change your neighborhood?
  24. How far are you from the city centre?
  25. How have you helped your neighbor?
  26. How many of neighbors do you know?
  27. Are there old people living in your neighborhood?
  28. What are the places in your neighborhood?
  29. How can you improve your neighborhood?
  30. Did you like the neighborhood where you grew up?
  31. What is the worst thing a neighborhood can have?
  32. What kind of neighborhood do you want to raise your children in?
  33. What will neighborhoods be like in the future?
  34. What do you think of neighbors?
  35. Is that anything that your neighbors do that annoys you?
  36. Here is an idiom: “Good fences make good neighbors.” What do you think it means?
  37. Think back in your life, who was your most memorable neighbor?
  38. When someone moves to a new neighborhood, what amenities do they look for?
  39. Which is the most expensive area to live in your city? Who lives there?
  40. Are there some neighborhoods that are considered dangerous in your city?
  41. Are there any regular cultural or sporting events in your neighborhood?
  42. Have you ever had a problematic neighbor?
  43. How is the transportation system where you live?
  44. What problems do you people have with their neighbors?
  45. How often do you see your neighbors?
  46. How well do you know your next-door neighbors?
  47. How trendy is your neighborhood?
  48. Do you still in the neighborhood you were born or brought up?
  49. How much has it changed over the years?
  50. Is there a dodgy area of your neighborhood where you would not walk after dark?


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